Angels Scramble Squares®


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These gorgeous Neopolitan Renaissance style angels will bring joy to anyone who loves angels, Renaissance art or its beautiful pastel colors! A huge seller during the Holiday season, the Angels Scramble Squares® is especially popular with adult women.

Fascinating Facts

Angels are spiritual beings which have an important role in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions. Angels are described as God’s messengers who worship and serve God and who guard humankind. They represent beauty, truth, goodness and dedication. Angels have been described as visions, bright lights, rainbows, people and even animals. St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that angels are neither male nor female, but can assume whatever form they wish.

The Judeo-Christian Bible says that God made angels before He created the world and depicts many human encounters with angels. Three angels are described in the Bible by name: Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. The Islam faith believes that the angel Gabriel dictated the book of the Islam faith, the Koran, at God’s commandment. The angel Michael is described in the Bible’s Book of Daniel as the angel whom God appointed to defend His faithful. Many ordinary people throughout history have reported their own personal experiences with angels who have protected or comforted them.

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