Tulips Scramble Squares®


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Tulips and periwinkle brighten the world of anyone receiving a gift of this Tulips Scramble Squares® puzzle.

Fascinating Facts

One of the hardiest of all flowers, the tulip survives the coldest winters to herald the rebirth of spring with trumpets of brilliant color pointing skyward atop strong straight stems. Even the gusty winds and driving rains of early spring cannot chill the tulip’s unyielding confidence that mild sunny days will soon surround it with an abundance of new life.

The tulip was first cultivated in the 13th Century by Persian royalty. The Turks of the conquering Ottoman Empire brought tulips to western Europe through Holland’s 16th Century maritime trade, where they became so prized for their beauty that they commanded extravagant prices on the Dutch stock exchange. Modern horticulture has hybrid approximately 800 varieties of commercially available tulips which are substantially hardier than those grown in Holland 400 years ago. Tulips range in color from pure white to pastels and bright hues of yellows, reds and purples. Hybrids have been developed with striped petals and even swirling streaks of contrasting colors. Petals may be prayerfully cupped, as with the elegantly simple Darwin variety, or flamboyantly fringed, as with parrot tulips.

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