United States Armed Services Scramble Squares®


This is our newly designed puzzle with four of the five branches of the United States Armed Services displayed proudly with our American Flag.  They are: Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard.  Due to arrive Mid-March 2024.  Please check back!

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Regretfully, the DAF (Department of the Air Force) has stopped us from selling this beautiful puzzle representing our men and women of the 5 branches of our US Armed Services who fight for our freedoms each and every day.  As a small business, over the years we have donated many of these puzzles to Purple Heart Organizations and Tribute of Valor recipients for their service to our great country.  We have three family members that have served in the US Air Force, including my late uncle Col. Ralph Asa Bass.  Unfortunately, this action further effects jobs to US citizens who manufacture our Made In America puzzles.  For more information, please call us.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 0.5 in

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  1. bdazzle

    Hi Pat,

    Sorry to hear of your disappointment in our US Armed Services puzzle. We would like to get to the
    bottom of this and wondered if it would be too much trouble to have you take a picture of ALL your
    puzzles pieces and send the picture to us for further review, or see the attached solution to the puzzle and let us know if you can solve it using the image attached and the puzzles you have. Also, slightly curious to know where you purchased it… online, in a brick and mortar store, or elsewhere.

    We are happy to replace your puzzle for a different puzzle or another of the same once we have determined that you may have the wrong pieces. Some of our puzzles DO have identical pieces in them because they are based on a mathematical probability. Please give us the opportunity to serve you.

    I am answering you directly since we updated our website this last summer and I can’t seem to find your comment on the site, however all comments come directly to my email address. We would have been happy to help you directly by phone – we actually DO answer the phone here.

    We take great pride in our Made In America Scramble Squares® puzzles after 31 years in business and want to make sure that you are a satisfied customer.


    Kathleen Gavin
    President & CEO
    b. dazzle, inc.
    Producers of gifts, games and fun!

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